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Automatic Banner Printer

1. The convenient SD card reader function of the automatic banner printer has a large memory without an on-line computer. The printer is efficient and convenient.
2. The board uses intelligent CPUl control and an advanced chip production process, which ensures its high quality and reliable performance.
3. The automatic banner printer has triple highly intelligent printing ways, enabling customers to be more free and imaginative (serial, USB, SD card off-line for option).
4. The use of an imported high-precision spindle makes the writing, drawing and carving run freely.
5. The easy operation interface and one master screen make it possible to automatically control the ink when you adjust the speed, which truly realizes a key to intelligent control.
6. The deluxe smart four adjustable gear drying systems of the automatic banner printer ensure the banner space. The writing dries and it saves energy.
7. The super-feel silicone keys of the automatic banner printer are fast, comfortable and durable.
8. The mobile platform can be moved around and it can be moved between the character space, which demonstrates the ease of the design.
9. The originally-imported ink pumps of the automatic banner printer ensure high-power motors and long working hours.

Technical Parameters

Printing Interface Ink Pump Quantity Inner Width Actual Width Printing Length Repeated Precision Printing Speed Power Dryer Power Power Supply Specifications Weight Dimensions Package Size
Serial, USB/SD Card 2 1100mm 900mm Infinite 1mm 20-60m/h 95W 800-1500W Voltage: AC110-240V 60Kg 1600*670
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